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It’s Always Summer Somewhere: Travel Tips For The Rainy Season

That moment when everything was so surreal and you are just high with excitement because your article was published by an online magazine that you are a big fan of.

Several weeks ago, I was just so happy that I get to submit an article that may or may not be part of this online magazine, so when they gave me the good news that it will be published for this month’s issue, I was just extra ecstatic.

So, I hope you get to read on the article that I submitted for Plump Magazine about some of the many ways you can still enjoy your vacation during this rainy season.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath My Feet

In response to my first ever weekly photo challenge: “Beneath Your Feet” from The Daily Post, I figured I post a photo of the first time that I traveled for several hours in a railway train from one country to another.

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Photo Diary: Temple Hopping in Kyoto

Aside from Tokyo, Kyoto is one of the popular cities that travelers frequent to, especially if you opt to experience and see Japan’s traditional lifestyle and have a photo-op with geishas.s

Last March, I hopped on a plane and decided to do my first solo travel to the land of the rising sun. First on the itinerary is Kyoto, the city boasts of temples where you can see how the locals respect and preserve their culture and heritage. Continue reading “Photo Diary: Temple Hopping in Kyoto”


5 Things To Do in Davao

Davao is the ninth safest city in the world — and it can’t get any truer. It’s peaceful that you won’t worry about getting tricked by someone or taxi drivers ripping you off. It’s one of the cleanest and simplest places I have been to and I say that it is perfect for a family trip. Continue reading “5 Things To Do in Davao”


In Transit

I am currently on my way to Aranyaprathet, the border of Thailand and Cambodia, onboard a fairly local train which just costs us 48 baht (approximately 60-65 pesos) a person.

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Glamping In Calaguas

Glamping, n. the act of spending one’s vacation in a tent on a glamorous island

While everyone were in LaBoracay, my friends and I spent our Labor Day weekend in the beautiful and serene island of Calaguas. Situated in Vinzons, Camarines Norte, the island is popular for its white, sandy beach perfect for those times that you want to get out of the city and unplug from all the stresses of the metro. The island boasts of their serene, virgin island and crystal clear waters called Mahabang Buhangin and is very popular for groups who plan to try their hands on camping and living the simple and unplugged life from this high-tech world of ours.

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Things To Do in Cebu

Cebu for two days is not enough to tour the island— it has a lot in store whether you’re there to learn more of their culture, their history, to see their pristine beaches or to savor their delicious food and delicacies— there is definitely everything for everybody. My two-day stint in Cebu felt like I have been to so many places already, yet there’s still so much more to see. So I have listed down several things that anyone can add to their itineraries to be able to get a glimpse of Cebu even for a short period of time. Continue reading “Things To Do in Cebu”


Lazing in La Union

La Union was our next stopover after our day hike in Pinatubo—which I think was a perfect combo for a weekend getaway—because after you get all your muscles strained and all used up, you get to spend a day just lazily basking under the summer sun.

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Hiking Mount Pinatubo: A First Timer’s Experience

A 4 x 4 ride, a chance to meet new people with the same wavelength, a side trip to La Union, who wouldn’t want to join a weekend trip to hike Mount Pinatubo, right? So without batting an eyelash, I went and agreed on going, and boy, Pinatubo did not disappoint.

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