The Week That Was

This week marks my 10th year in the corporate world. I did not even think I will still be in this industry all these years considering the fact that 10 years ago, I have zero clue on what I am getting myself into.

But here I am, I may still have a lot—-and I mean a loooot—to learn about what I do for a living, but I am glad I was able to pull through. And I think that’s more than enough for a work anniversary gift (but, of course, still thinking of something to give myself for a decade (!) of a job well done).

The past week was not a walk in the park, I dreaded every single day because of all the pressure, side comments and the bad vibes I receive from others and from myself as well. It got to me so bad that when I was in my hotel room, I am incessantly thinking about all the other effective (and brutal, stupid, selfish) ways that I can skip adulting for this week.

The week went by not as bad as I expected and for that I have so many reasons to be grateful for because of these things that I have learned:

“If you doubt yourself, maybe you have to question your faith”

In my quest to be extra prepared for this week, I enrolled myself into some online trainings and this is one of the many takeaways that I have learned.

I have this issue for the longest time because even if I pray and ask prayers from others, my pessimistic side always wins, saying that I won’to make it and will just screw things up. This experience made me realize that I should always remind myself that my God won’t leave me and will always be there to catch me and make everything okay.

Work is Work. Nothing More, Nothing Less.

In this rat race, you don’t expect others to save you and be your ally, even if they tell you they are. You have to do it on your own and stand your ground.

Also, you have to always know that this “work-life balance” concept is there for a purpose. There are different intensities of commitment to work and you have to deal with the fact that you have your own “intensity” and it is never wrong.

Being Hard on Yourself Never Works

You only have yourself to be your ally. Never treat her bad by polluting her senses with all your nega talks and senseless scenarios. It will just make everything bad and you’ll just laugh at yourself by wasting all of your time worrying when in reality, it is not at all bad.

Doing Your Best is What Matters

If one slide was not explained thoughly or if that functionality did not work, don’t beat yourself up for it. Whatever trials and hiccups that you have to overcome, know that you have done your best and it is what matters. It will reflect and your clients will even commend you for it. So chill, girl.

Always Have Your Support System

We all know prayers work. But you also have to have that support system who will listen to your constant rants, who will pray for you and who will just give you that IG comment and nudge that you’ll be okay.

This week has been all kinds of stressful and I am just glad I was able to pull through. ✨


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