That moment when everything was so surreal and you are just high with excitement because your article was published by an online magazine that you are a big fan of.

Several weeks ago, I was just so happy that I get to submit an article that may or may not be part of this online magazine, so when they gave me the good news that it will be published for this month’s issue, I was just extra ecstatic.

So, I hope you get to read on the article that I submitted for Plump Magazine about some of the many ways you can still enjoy your vacation during this rainy season.

The monsoon season is upon us, every week we are welcomed with an upcoming typhoon hitting the different parts of our country, and although it alleviates us from the humid weather that is Manila, sometimes the rainy season can take a toll on our travel plans and itineraries. But for a person with a wanderlust soul, no weather can hinder that intense desire to satisfy one’s insatiable thirst to take on another adventure.

So from one traveler to another, consider this your guide to enjoy your planned and even impromptu travels during this cuddle weather.


It does not hurt to do a little research on the city that you are going to, aside from knowing all the awesome spots and stops of the area, the attractions and the sights to see, it is best to consult our ol’ good trusty weather apps to give us an overview of how the weather is like in that specific area for that specific day and time. Having these kinds of app handy will be very helpful so you can see and plan your outfits ahead of time. Of course, you want that travel #OOTD to stand out without you getting all sweaty on your sweat shirts and beanies on a warm day.


If you have already booked your trip ahead of time and PAGASA gave it a go that it is safe to fly out of Manila, always ensure that you have all these in your luggage to be better prepared rain or shine. Always make it a point to set a space for your luggage for your umbrella, malong, hoodie and boots, because you don’t want to be not photo-ready because you are sweating wildly while you are temple hopping in Vietnam or freezing in cold while gazing on those pretty cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

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If you have the budget, you can rent out a hotel based on your preference to get a complete experience of having to spend a day or two just staying under the sheets with your most comfortable PJs. There are a lot of hotels in the metro that can be rented out so you can catch up on your reading, binge watch your favorite series or just treat yourself to something nice and special.

There are popular staycation spots like Crimson Hotel in Filinvest where you can experience five star treatment for an affordable price, the up and rising Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa, where you can experience pure relaxation and bliss by trying out their different spackages, and just in the center of Makati’s Business District, you can opt to spend your weekend at City Garden Grand Hotel where you can rent their deluxe rooms, or if you have the budget for relaxing in a Jacuzzi right inside the comfort of your hotel room, then this place is for you.


One of the most popular and no fail travel tip is to do spontaneous road trips with family, friends or your special someone. Although the rainy season can prove daunting and a sure reason for the roads to be not passable or for you to be stuck in traffic, it is also a good way to catch up with everyone while enjoying the snuggle weather. So to ease on the car volume and to prevent being stuck in the inevitable rain and traffic combo, it is best to get out of the metro first thing in the morning so you can still have the time to catch the sunrise, have a hearty breakfast and an ample time to do all the touristy stuff for the day.


For Lovers. You can have a romantic dinner while looking out at the metro by going up to one of the restaurants in Antipolo, where they offer good food in affordable prices plus a great view to boot. There are also boutique hotels around the area where you can have a relaxing stay while having some quality time with your bae.  But if you are up for a longer car ride, you can go up North and stay in Baguio to visit the famous Ben Cab Museum, there you will see world class art pieces, learn about the region’s culture and for all the sun chasers out there, it is one of the perfect sunset spot—one of those romantic ways to end a perfect night.

For Friends. Road trip and friends is always the perfect combo, you can just carpool and go on a road trip to either Tagaytay or Subic—which is both less than three hours away from Manila but still can give you that much needed breather from a hectic work or school week.

For The Whole Family.  If you have kids with you, there are tons of kid-friendly places here in the metro, for starters, you can bring them to the Kidzania or to The Mind Museum in BGC, for an intereactive take on artworks, you can visit the Art in Island in Quezon City and if you are looking for a close encounter with the underwater creatures, Manila Ocean Park is just a drive away.

This season should not serve as a hindrance for anyone from having the time of their lives, if anything, it should allow any traveler the opportunity to enjoy the place in a much comfortable and cooler weather, the perfect time to pull off those sweater weather fashion and to just enjoy a trip with lesser crown and in a more affordable manner. After all, for a true wanderer, it does not matter where you are or what the weather is on your side of the planet, it is as long as you have the right people and the right attitude to enjoy and immerse yourself in a new place and experience.

This post first appeared on Plump Magazine’s Travel section.