It’s Friday once again and that means this is the seventh week that I get to round up and be thankful for all the happy things that made me smile for the past week.

So here goes:

  1. Marvin. This reader app that was recommended by my dear officemate. It lets you download ebooks that you can enjoy anytime with the complete Kindle feel.
  2. Payday Friday! 
  3. Grab Taxi’s HAPPY P1SO Promo which means booking fee is only 1 peso although it’s only until the 15th of August.
  4. Fanny packs and how I’m wishing it’s readily available here in Manila.
  5. Reached my weekly goal for producing content for this blog.
  6. I was never a fan of banana loaf until one my friends let me try Pan De Manila’s version, it’s so moist, fresh and the banana aroma is not overpowering the entire thing.
  7. Getting nominated by Erica to answer 10 questions from the sisterhood of the travel bloggers—which will be up on my next post.
  8. Surplus finds. You never really know what you might find in these shops hidden in malls. I bought two outerwears—a blazer and a jacket similar to what they have in Cotton on which I have been meaning to buy for the longest time, but I don’t and I won’t cause I’m stingy like that—for less than PHP1500 and it is in super great shape and quality.
  9. I love shopping for my baby cousins—I love helping them pick out clothes and shoes that they will use for our upcoming trip.
  10. Bowling night on a Friday! I don’t know how will that make me but kebs I’m doing it anyway. 🙂

There, all done! I can’t help but smile everytime I’m completing this list, it makes my happy Friday even happier.

How about you, what made you happy this week, join this link up by Helga and let’s be all inspired in each other’s happy list.

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