What if your dreams were a rerun of a certain experience that’s been haunting you for years already?

Waking up knowing and feeling that it still hurts. Reliving how it was so real and how it was once the reason why you felt what you felt for years.

It’s hard. And excruciatingly painful.

But you know what happens afterwards? When you’re in your rock bottom? When you’re at your lowest low? Life will just wake you up with signs, events and moments that will make you realize—though it may have once hurt you deeply—that it is also over and that this is the perfect time to begin again, because, today, there are no promises broken, goals unreached, future dreams planned, with someone who will just leave you at the end of the road, lost and clueless.

Because this time, you’re waking up from that bad dream, with a completely new heart very much equipped to take on life’s promise that everything will be better—it will be. Just open your eyes.