READING. This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz.

LISTENING. To my cousin’s Minecraft playlist— a game that up until now, I don’t get.

SMELLING. That after-rain-smell plus newly-cut-grass combo.

WISHING. That it’s still Saturday, so I can catch up on more sleep.

HOPING. That I get to finish all my things-to-do for this week.

WEARING. My surftoda shirt, that I got as a souvenir in La Union plus a denim shorts from Greenhills.

LOVING. This cuddle weather makes me want to crave for some ramen!

WANTING. An adult coloring book because I’m kinda obsessed now with the Colorfy app.

NEEDING. More vacation leaves as I still have a couple of trips lined up.

FEELING. The need to have a new hobby and take short courses on calligraphy.

CLICKING. My pinterest boards. Also kinda thinking if I need to go and buy some hosting for my blog so I can start having that Pin It option for my photos.

The Sunday Currently is an original link up by Sidda Thornton.