Davao is the ninth safest city in the world — and it can’t get any truer. It’s peaceful that you won’t worry about getting tricked by someone or taxi drivers ripping you off. It’s one of the cleanest and simplest places I have been to and I say that it is perfect for a family trip.

5 Things to do in Davao

Brought my parents along with my sister to celebrate their wedding anniversary, when we were young, my parents always bring me and my sister on road trips to see new places, and now, it is our turn to do the same for them.

We were there for a couple of days and we made sure that we make the most out of this vacation, so consider this your guide in preparing your family-friendly itinerary when you’re planning to go to Davao City for some R&R.


Davao City has a lot of churches that you can visit to start off your city tour, you can go to San Pedro Cathedral Church which is just located in the heart of the city. Afterwhich, you can hop on your rented van to go visit the Japanese Tunnel which is approximately 30 minutes away from the city proper.

5 Things to do in Davao
This is the entrance to the less than 1 kilometer tunnel that was only a small part of what it was before.
5 Things to do in Davao
According to our tour guide, this was once a prison cell that houses a maximum of six persons, which was insane. Even one person can’t really fit in that, but, according to our tour guide, it was how prisoners were punished back then.


Just one hour away from the city, you will get to see the Philippine Eagle which is endemic in our country. According to our tour guide, they are endangered and that they are doing everything to breed more of these eagles for our wildlife. In this center, you will see the different types of the Philippine Eagle and also those eagles that were once shot by hunters.

5 Things to do in Davao

Just like this eagle which was rescued in the mountains of Southern Mindanao after being shot.

5 Things to do in Davao


Make sure to make this part of your itinerary and make sure to be there early because it is always jam-packed with locals and tourists alike.


For a relaxing view and good food, be sure to visit Jack’s Ridge, which is located uphill and will give you a 360 view of Davao City. I must say, this place, also has one the best kilawins I have ever tasted, next to Larsian’s in Cebu.

5 Things to do in Davao
5 Things to do in Davao


Aside from all the touristy sites that can be seen in Davao City, ensure to have a day or two to go to Samal Island, which is just less than 15 minutes away from Sasa Wharf and the barge fare is less than 20 pesos.

That’s Samal Island
And that is Sasa Wharf in Davao City

When in Samal, go to Hagimit Falls for some chill time while eating your packed food or their very own version of banana cue. Also, visit Maxima Aqua Fun for their famous giant slide just make sure you are prepared enough to climb up and down the rocky stairs. But it was worth it, seeing such wonderful works of nature.


Tip: For pasalubong: visit Magsaysay Fruit Market for the best fruits in town, from durian, suha and other sweet treats made from these fruits and Aldivinco Shopping Center for little trinkets and souvenirs that you can take home.


Nothing beats quality time with family especially when you’re in a new place and I plan do it as often as I can.

How about you, what are the things that you like to do as a family?