By the time this post gets online, I’m in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam for the last leg of my one week Indochina trip, it’s sad that my vacation will be over soon and I’ll be back to my working girl mode, but, still I feel so blessed that I get to experience this.

And of course, this week’s list will mostly consist of all the happy things that happened within the week!

  1. My moment with this elephant— priceless.  
  2. Shopping in MBK, Thailand. Although, I kinda wished I also experienced shopping in Chatuchak for more bargain finds.
  3. This artsy hostel in Bangkok. Very pinterest worthy. 
  4. These flowers found in Nong Nooch Garden.  
  5. New found appreciation for temples. It amazes me how much the people show their reverence to their God.
  6. The patience that I have while in transit from country to country. It’s physically tiring but worth it because you get to see the real life through the windows of the train and buses.
  7. The artworks along the streets of Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh.  
  8. Very accommodating receptionists in all our hostels, it just makes traveling easier when the people around you are willing to help you around the city.
  9. Pub crawl in Khao San Road, Pub Street and Backpacker’s street.
  10. That in this trip, I learned the value of spending. I was able to budget my pocket money. Yay for maturity. I think congratulations are in order. Haha!

Two more days before I go back to Manila but I already have a lot of things to share. Hope you had a good Friday as much as I did.

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