Happy Friday! I can’t believe my favorite month will be ending soon, and we are halfway through the year already. How’s that? I feel like I still have a lot of pending goals at bay, kinda frustrating, but I know that should not stop me from carrying on and enjoying what I have and currently experiencing despite the goals are not yet fulfilled.

  1. Super excited because my outline for an article for an online magazine has been approved already. Keeping my fingers crossed that they push through with their decision to let me contribute and publish my article in their website. This is a great experience.
  2. Free Birthday Katsu from Yabu.
  3. Thai massage session last Wednesday while waiting for the rain and traffic jam to stop.
  4. Those best friends who I can really rely on, no matter what. It may sound cliche, but I am just so glad that I have those friends who I can run to anytime, no judgment.
  5. Inspiring talk over lunch with one of my mentors who reminded me that a in order to achieve something, a deadline should always be set–to check if I’m still happy, learning and growing–or else I’ll get stuck.
  6. Got to spend time with my newest niece.
  7. New blogs to follow.
  8. Surprise birthday celebration with my friendsI was so touched by the effort and their sweet messages. Makes me think that sometimes you may not feel that you are creating an impact to someone, but you actually do, even in the simplest things.
  9. Three contents in a week. I know this may not be a lot, but I still feel good that I was able to reach my weekly goals for my blog.
  10. Nine vacation days! I’m off to Bangkok on Monday for the first leg of our Indochina trip with my friends from work. So psyched but also worried just because it’s not yet payday! Haha!

Although I’m still cramming to meet all deadlines for  errands and work, this list makes me grateful that despite busy schedules, frustrations and problems, I still have a lot of things to be happy for.

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