Glamping, n. the act of spending one’s vacation in a tent on a glamorous island

While everyone were in LaBoracay, my friends and I spent our Labor Day weekend in the beautiful and serene island of Calaguas. Situated in Vinzons, Camarines Norte, the island is popular for its white, sandy beach perfect for those times that you want to get out of the city and unplug from all the stresses of the metro. The island boasts of their serene, virgin island and crystal clear waters called Mahabang Buhangin and is very popular for groups who plan to try their hands on camping and living the simple and unplugged life from this high-tech world of ours.

DAY 1. We left Manila at around 9PM to make sure that we reach Camarines Norte by breakfast time the next day.


From the mainland, a two-hour boat ride is needed for you to reach the island. You will not feel the long ride since you’ll be busy gazing the beautiful landscape and the boat seats more or less 30 people so you’ll get to enjoy bonding with them as well. IMG_2135  IMG_2144Calaguas has one of the clearest waters I have seen. I feel that there’s nothing like it, and to add to that they have one of the perfect sunsets.

Look at the fine, white sand.
This was our home for the night


DAY 2.

Before we leave for Manila, we still have a full morning to spend, so we opted to climb the mountain for 20 minutes so we can see the whole stretch of the beach front up top. And also, according to our tour guide, this is where phone signals are available.


If you like to spend some quality time with your friends or special someone and you want to take on a new experience, Calaguas is definitely the place for you. There is no electricity, phone signal, cottages and even private bathrooms. You really just have to enjoy each other’s company while waiting for the sunset, swimming in the clear waters of Calaguas, fetching water from their local artesian well and spending the night in the tents while watching the stars and moonlight. Staying in Calaguas means letting go of our attachments to our smart phones and its perks and opening yourself to uninterrupted quality time with your friends and loved ones.