I am supposed to create an article for work and submit it today but lo and behold, I am still in the middle of rewriting and finishing it. I admit I had three free days last weekend to finish the article but right now, I am stuck — writer’s block is placed so high and all I can do is think of the things I do to pass this hurdle.

  1. Write freely. Without thinking of the grammar, parallelism, flow and all the other technicalities, I just try to churn out an initial draft regardless of how incohesive it may seem, I just ensure that I have freely written all my thoughts in one pass. In this way, I get to lay out and see all my ideas written in one paper and then I can just start arranging and adding further information as I go along.
  2. List It Down. It helps me to get focused if I write my ideas in a to do list format, it makes me feel that every thing is just a tick away, and I have to go start doing it. This also makes me see what are the things that I need to focus on right now, later or on the next day.
  3. Coffee break. Or any break for that matter. It gives me that much needed breather to collect my thoughts and plan the next step to take before going back to writing.
  4. Skip. This helps me focus more on the easier part of the whole article and just go back to those sections where I am having a hard time finishing it.
  5. No Overthinking. This is one of the frequent hurdles that I always need to face, sometimes I always feel like I need to impress everyone, but when I set some time to think and remind myself that I am doing this to be able to share my experiences and to be able to keep an online log of the things I love doing, it gives me that new zest to write again.

These are my no-fail ways in dealing with writer’s block and I guess it proved effective today as I was able to submit my article on time while also writing a blog post in the process. So if you ever find yourself stuck and at a loss for words, here’s hoping that this article can help you deal with writer’s block as well.