I’m back after several weeks of hiatus and now I promise myself to always make sure that I just let all my thoughts flow without overthinking. The past few weeks were also stressful in terms of work, and I think this is a way for me to be reminded that I have to pause, and check in and see what made me smile this week:

  1. It’s Friday and it’s my birthday! I’m getting a year older but I really feel that this year is my year!
  2. New office site and it is still located in The Fort! I love how we are on the top most floor, I can see everything.
  3. New make up stash — who doesn’t love that!
  4. Indochina trip in a couple of days!
  5. Karaoke night with my friends while letting traffic pass last Tuesday! 
  6. Dinner and catch up date with friends.
  7. Surprise birthday lunch out with my officemates at Suzhou! One of my go to places every time I’m craving for some Chinese goodness plus it’s just across the street where I work! 🙂 
  8. Grandmother’s chocolate cake from Purple Oven!  
  9. Birthday dinner with my family later at Aracama.
  10. Personalized birthday greetings — I just love how you know who your true friends are because they really take time to make you feel loved on your special day.

I just really feel good today and I’m really grateful for another year where it gets me inspired that I can make do with what I have and be thankful for it while still pursuing to achieve my goals at work and life in general, it is another year to travel more, to love more and to know that everything will be better and will all fall into its perfect place in time.

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This is a link up by Helga of Ditz Revolution. How about you, what made you smile this week? Join us!