Today marks the third week of me doing this link up by Helga of Ditz Revolution—although there are times that I find it hard to see what made me smile for the entire week, I still think it is a good way to be reminded that despite all those hiccups there’s still a lot of things that put a smile on my face.

So, this is my list for the week that was:

  1. Davao bound tomorrow for my parent’s anniversary—may forever!!
  2. Long weekend for me and that means I’ll be out of the office until Wednesday!
  3. Visited Daiso twice this week. This is one of those to-go places where I can check out cutesy knick knacks. Although every time I’m here, I can’t help but buy something. On hindsight, maybe I should also impose a shopping ban. 
  4. I know I’m a decade late, but I just recently watched Nick and Norah’s Playlist on HBO and I can say that it was those movies that makes you feel good about chances after watching it.
  5. Fifty percent off on my manicure and pedicure session because of Metrobank Card’s promo, such a steal!
  6. Catch up night with my friends over coffee. Certified #TitasOfManila
  7. Coming across this hilarious YouTube video of Happy Slip showing how Filipino moms behave in a hotel room. HAHA!
  8. Since my workday starts at 6AM, so happy that I can get out of work at 3PM to avoid the inevitable traffic.
  9. So proud of myself for being able to write a more personal content for my blog, thinking of doing a series aligned to such.
  10. I am turning a year older soon and I am just so psyched for what lies ahead.

How about you, what made you smile this week? Join the link up and let’s enjoy the weekend, we all deserve it! 🙂

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