Cebu for two days is not enough to tour the island— it has a lot in store whether you’re there to learn more of their culture, their history, to see their pristine beaches or to savor their delicious food and delicacies— there is definitely everything for everybody. My two-day stint in Cebu felt like I have been to so many places already, yet there’s still so much more to see. So I have listed down several things that anyone can add to their itineraries to be able to get a glimpse of Cebu even for a short period of time.


A trip to Cebu will not be complete without dropping by (read: eating there more than once) Larsian’s Barbeque located in Fuente Osmena, just right in the heart of the city. This place offers a wide array of food that can be char-grilled from pork, chicken, intestines, liver and the likes, and I personally recommend to use their plastic gloves that are available in every food stall because a good food like that should be eaten with bare hands for the full experience.

Aside from the barbeque, they also offer seafood such as clams, seaweeds, shrimps, fish and oysters.

Everything is best served of course with puso, which is their version of their rice wrapped in banana leaves. Puso costs for about PHP 3 while the barbeque ranges from PHP 8 to PHP35.

IMG_5681    IMG_5684

One of my go-to food in Larsian’s is their Kinilaw, its fish cooked purely in vinegar—I don’t know how they do it but it’s super delicious—we don’t even know how many times we said “sobrang sarap” while eating.
IMG_5688 IMG_5686IMG_5690IMG_5687


For our stay in Cebu we were only able to check out the The Taoist Temple found in Beverly Hills Subdivision. It offers a 180 degree scenic view of downtown Cebu and its open to the public–worshippers or non-worshippers alike unlike its neighboring Phu Sian Temple. The temple allows worshippers to pray to gods by lighting joss sticks and by dropping two blocks of wood which when thrown are faced up can proceed in making a wish.

Entrance to the Cebu Taoist Temple. Majority of the city tours offer a side trip to the temple. The Taoist Temple is not only popular to the tourists but for the local students as well.


Tops is literally on top of the mountains which gives you a picturesque view of Cebu.  When we went there it was raining, thus, the lack of clear and sunshiny view. But, the cloud formation above downtown Cebu made up for it.  Tops, if I’m not mistaken was initally a place where people can dine but when we were there, there were no signs of any restaurants, all that’s left was a store that sells chips and drinks if you feel like chilling while looking at Cebu from up top.

IMG_5751 IMG_5752  IMG_5754 IMG_5755 IMG_5760


Lantaw is a restaurant nearby Tops, they offer Filipino delicacies, it’s a bit pricier than Larsian’s but it’s all worth it because you have good food plus the perfect view.  

IMG_5780 IMG_5781


And look at what we ordered, fruit shakes served in their local version of mason jar, buttered shrimp,

IMG_5791     IMG_5795

Oysters and chicken soup served in a buko shell—an original Cebu dish.

IMG_5796   IMG_5797

And Filipino lunch will not be complete without these two: Kare Kare and Crispy Pata!

IMG_5798  IMG_5799

Our lunch definitely filled our tummies and brought our energies back. Our lunch costs at at around PHP 2000 for 5 persons including our tour guide-slash-driver.



And if you or your group is into history, you might want to go down the famous ancestral house of the Yap- Sandiego’s. There you will see all the authentic old school furnitures that were really preserved throughout the years. According to their caretakers, some of the heirs still sleep in one of the bedrooms every weekend.

IMG_5807 IMG_5819   

You can see how antique their items are and how much their family still keeps their legacy for everyone to see.

IMG_5809      IMG_5814

This is my favorite part of their entire property.

IMG_5815 IMG_5818

IMG_5820 IMG_5821   


Fort San Pedro is Cebu’s version of Intramuros, they also have cellars, gardens and a view deck where you can see the park right across.


IMG_5848 IMG_5849    


Of course, no one should ever miss this place, we have seen this from every postcard and books for the longest time. It’s just a shame that the time when we were there, the place is getting restored so the postcard perfect photo that I was imagining did not happen. So maybe by this time, everything’s good already so make sure that when you’re in the area drop by Magellan’s cross.

 IMG_5875 IMG_5878  

Magellan’s cross is just across their city hall so expect some zumba dancing from the friendly Cebuanos.

IMG_5882 IMG_5883 


Cebu is synonymous to food trip, so don’t dare miss the famous Cebu lechon! We tried Zubuchon and it did not disappoint. It’s so legit, you can’t get enough of it that you even have to take home some for your family and friends in Manila.

IMG_5894 IMG_5907IMG_5903   


Oslob is two to three hours away from the city proper so make sure you get up early to catch the first trip that will take you to see the gentle giants! Just one tip though, make sure that you don’t forget your water proof camera so you’ll get a captured moment with the whale sharks. Although, there are cameras for rent but unfortunately the camera that we rented ran out of battery just after 10 shots down under. So all our memories with the whale sharks are all just captured in our minds. Hahaha! But it was still an amazing experience—imagine having to swim literally a feet away from these whales. Surreal would be an understatement.



Just a motorcycle ride away is the Tumalog falls, but before enjoying its pristine waters you have to walk down a super steep road in order to get to the falls.

DSC00742  DSC00743

But seeing this beauty is definitely worth it even if after sometime you have to go up again to that same hill. 🙂

DSC00773 DSC00780  DSC00786 DSC00791   DSC00747

Look at those happy faces!

DSC00755 DSC00763 DSC00764 DSC00769

There was never an hour that we did not do anything, we really made sure that we make the most out of our short stay in Cebu— we even went clubbing after the city tour, we had that much energy! It’s not a matter of how long you stay in a city, it’s how you make every single moment count— so I hope that this simple list gave you a glimpse and an idea on how to plan your trip to Cebu. Or if you have been already there maybe you can suggest other spots that I can check out once I get back as I’m planning to go to Bantayan island soon.

Happy travel you guys! ❤