La Union was our next stopover after our day hike in Pinatubo—which I think was a perfect combo for a weekend getaway—because after you get all your muscles strained and all used up, you get to spend a day just lazily basking under the summer sun.

We arrived La Union right after sunset, so we just decided to just hit the sack after dinner at Surf Shack. Surf shack offers grilled meals and Italian food, which I know may not be the best combination for supper, but it makes up with the place’s laid back and surfer vibe feels that makes you just want to extend your stay in Elyu.

IMG_1048  IMG_1058

Before planning to go to La Union, make sure that waves are high enough for surfing, but if it isn’t, it’s still worth going—there’s sand, sun and saltwater, what’s not to like.

For beginners like us, there were many surfer groups that offer surf lessons which ranges from 300-500, depending on how much you can haggle for the lowest price. This includes the basic stance tutorial, precautionary measures and the one hour surfing spree with a legit surf instructor.


One hour will really just pass by in a snap so make sure you try your best to try to ride the waves and enjoy every single minute of it despite the fall, the splash of waves and slight smash of the surfboard in your face to have the complete experience.

IMG_1128 IMG_1113

We were all eager to try surfing that’s why we just had our breakfast after our lessons, and as usual, all our stories were all about how the fun we had and that we will definitely do it again, soon.

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This was my first time in La Union and it definitely made it to my list of places to go to every time I feel the need to get out of the metro to just relax and unwind.


Brgy Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union is a 4-5 hour drive from Manila, when you take all the major highways, NLEX, SCTEX and TPLEX.