A 4 x 4 ride, a chance to meet new people with the same wavelength, a side trip to La Union, who wouldn’t want to join a weekend trip to hike Mount Pinatubo, right? So without batting an eyelash, I went and agreed on going, and boy, Pinatubo did not disappoint.

Woke up early to reach Pinatubo at around 5AM in time to catch the sunrise.


When you reach the registration area, you have to pay for the environmental fee and for the 4 x 4 ride. It is also best if you have sticks that can help you trek the mountain and a bandana to cover your mouth so you won’t get suffocated with all the lahar around you. The 4 x 4 ride will take about two hours but you won’t get bored because you’ll spend most of the time adoring the view and taking all those touristy photos.

IMG_0668IMG_0672IMG_0671 IMG_0675IMG_0682

The ride will give you a 360 view of Pinatubo and you’ll get to see how something that was once destructive can result into such beauty.

IMG_0687 IMG_0704

According to our tour guide, this was once a fertile land, but now it’s all covered up with the volcano’s ash and past.IMG_0705 IMG_0720IMG_0731IMG_0737IMG_0739

The sight of these kids makes you realize how simple their life is. IMG_0747 IMG_0732IMG_0755


The actual adventure begins once you are on the foot of Mount Pinatubo, there are no 4 x 4 rides available and you will just be left with your group and trusty stick to traverse the mountain.


Once you’re on the foot of the mountain, you’ll be greeted with this sign. I think we went past the twenty minute mark, though. 🙂


Going up the mountain was tiresome but the shade that the trees make really ease up everyone’s exhaustion, plus with a group that’s so game, who would not carry on, right?



Finally! We made it after 45 minutes and it was really majestic, we just spent the rest of the morning basking under the sun, eating our lunch and enjoying how postcard perfect Pinatubo is.

So from this signage, we still have to go down the rocky steps to see the crater up close.IMG_0796


Going down will give you the unadulterated, unfiltered and postcard perfect view of Mount Pinatubo.IMG_1011  IMG_0819 IMG_0820

For someone who is a newbie in mountain climbing, I can say that it was difficult, tiring and it gave me so many reasons to just give up, but feeling the sun shine on my skin, the water on my feet and seeing the crater makes everything worth it. This trip is so special to me, not only because it was my first but because it gave me so many things to ponder on. Seeing the aftermath of the infamous eruption made me realize that something so devastating can, in time, result in such perfection in time–much like in life, we may be down and out, we may feel that all odds are against u,s but surely in time, it will all makes sense and it will all work out for good. Hiking Mount Pinatubo may be difficult for a first timer but it will surely be one of those excellent experience that I will forever remember.