So before anything else, I figured I share ten random things about me β€” for more personal feels:

  1. My first out of the country trip was in Singapore.
  2. Initially terrified of traveling alone, but I ended up loving every single minute of it.
At Kansai International Airport, enjoying my alone time even though I know my bus will be leaving 5 minutes from the time this picture was taken. πŸ™‚

3. Started Instagram-ing my life right before it became a big fad and even right before it was available to everyone.

4. I absolutely love chick flicks.

5.Works as an IT Consultant but graduated with a degree in Psychology.

6. A sunset chaser β€” there’s this unexplainable feeling that I get every time I see how each sunset is painted right in front of me.

Batangas sunset

7. My comfort food includes, but are not limited to: salmon sashimi, oreo cheesecake and cupcake. ❀

8.Was once a writer for the college paper.

9. I always get teary eyed every time I set foot on any Disneyland.

Feeling like a kid again in Disney Sea.
Feeling like a kid again in Disney Sea.

10. I have always believed that you can be in the same place more than once but it will still give you a new experience and perspective every time.

Bright lights courtesy of Causeway Bay, Hongkong
Bright lights courtesy of Causeway Bay, Hongkong

How about you, let’s get acquainted, care to share random stuff about you? πŸ™‚